rudy review Hadisuwarno hair growth serum

Actually a series of hair loss treatment is not Cuma Rudy Hadisuwarno wrote serum and tonic, the full version is still no shampoo too. But I’m pretty serum life and tonicnya. Shampoonya wear mane n tail. Serum prices around Rp.65.000, – contains 6 bottles with 9 ml of serum. While the price of tonicnya around Rp.55.000, – for 225ml sizes. How to wear according to the rules anyway, serum has been used three times per week on a regular basis @ 1 bottle. Claims of this serum does, he has a maximum of four actions.

Nourishes the scalp so that the hair does not fall out.
Contribute to strengthening the structure of the hair, so the hair thicker and healthier.
Help to strengthen the hair roots by reducing the formation of DHT that causes hair loss.
Improvement of blood circulation in the roots of the hair, so that massage stimulates hair growth

The active ingredients of the hair growth serum are Rudy Hadisuwarno sephora root extract, tripeptide complex and soy protein and hydrolysed secirin. If you use the method of doing the recommended wear serum for 2 weeks, after which a new life next week tonicnya stiap day. Because the tonic itself is an advanced treatment Rudy Hadisuwarno hair serum. But since my husband was a serious loss and bald, so I use the serum three times a week and I selingin wear Rudy Hadisuwarno strong and shiny hair tonic. And the result, really do not lie. Loss reduced increasingly, and slowly began her or thin hair grow bat. Yeeeaayy “baby hair” has grown after treatment for 2 weeks.

eksturnya hair serum and hair tonic liquid, making Seger when used after washing. But I do not like too much the smell of tonicnya. Very strong smell, and I do not like the serum, instead of sticky kerasa


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