Review and Prices Lipstick Wardah

Review and Price Lipstick Wardah – This time I will review one of the local brand Lipstick is Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick. I really buff matte lipstick, actually buy this lipstick as interested at reviewnya several beauty bloggers. Initially really hard dapetin shade “Pink Sorbet” This, nyari sebandung of cosmetics stores to counter the direct wardahnya not exist at all aliases sold out. Until finally able to find any of this shade is also not accidentally in Watson Margonda Depok. The struggle once nyari lipstick to depok.hahaha
Review and Prices Lipstick Wardah
Wardah lipstick packaging is cute, slim and travel friendly. With a silver-colored tube design gives the impression of luxury. I really like the sleek forms of packaging such as lipstick, it could easily fit into the pouch makeup and not bulky so I do not eat place.
In each of the outer packaging carton already stamped expiration date and no bpom her. Lipstick Wardah is already famous for its halal jargon this has a weight of 2.5 grams and in bandrol price £ 45,000, -.
If the contents of lipsticknya I keluarin lipsticknya plasticity slightly pink color. I deliberately choose shade “Pink Sorbet” because it is very curious of the same color.
Actually for this series Long Lasting Lipstick Wardah issued 12 shade. If you are interested in for nyoba, you just select the appropriate color similar to your wishes.
This lipstick is very unfortunate but very, very frail, very new buy and hold until dikosan I open lipsticknya and keluarin little content, it turns out he was immediately broken
Overall I think this lipstick from her usual was really beyond expectations for me. For matte series of local brand I would choose the Wardah’s brother namely Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick.
So many times this product review. Hopefully this post helpful and see you at the next review


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