Review Make Over Face Contour Kit

The first time I clay packs Make Over me happy, because it is black and elegant enough for cosmetic packaging, initially just I guess the Make Over this brand outside because “the name and the packaging is great support, it turns out locally have * waw * and make me black make packaging still feels clean even after long use, because the stain dikemasan engga will ketauan lol: P, Make Over Face Contour Kit is part exterior is coated with a box of protective packaging of the product inside, already describes every section of the carton, easy for shoppers to read the “advance about this product alone

Review Make Over Face Contour Kit

I believe if every woman was awarded beauty, the beauty we perceive depends on which side. And beautiful is not always related to the physical, because the beauty of the purest and lasting is the beauty of the heart or inner beauty. Agreed, guys? :)

Someone once asked, “it’s important makeup yaa?” And I replied, yes. With air-makeup is the way I value myself as a woman and how to appreciate and take care of what is mandated by God. The next question, “you want to be beautiful for everyone?” I replied, engga. Beautiful is relative and beautiful perception of each person is different. I just want everyone to see me uncomfortable, because people tend to do a major assessment of visual or appearance. Just it

Well, it was the view I had of the beautiful and makeup. Back to the title yuk ah .. :)

Guys, one of the most important parts of the makeup is shading and contouring. Why? Due to shading and contouring can cover kekurangsempurnaan us. Such as, which was less sharp nose could look sharp, chubby cheeks can look gaunt, and so on.

Hmm .. I put on to have a product for shading and contouring, guys? If not, let’s first listened to the reviews and experiences using the following kit Make over contouring. Hope can be an additional reference for you to choose a favorite contouring product yaa ..

Make Over face contour kit is one of the best products from leading brand Indonesia, Make Over. With a weight of 14 g, face contour kit priced at IDR. 105.000, – it used to be so fit I bought (^ ▽ ^), for updated information can directly check on the web Make Over. Make Over face contour kit is also already BPOM verified, so safe to use :)

For packaging, I think Makeover face is sooo elegant contour kit! The packaging is black with a round Makeover logo on it. Already equipped with mirrors and native brush to apply the product. Based on my experience, I’ve nyobain shading use this brush, made to blend it rather difficult anyway .. as a result of his brush ga using that too. But there are some beauty blogger who says his brush dipake tasty and very useful. Depending on its comfortable we aja yaa: D

As seen in the picture above, Make Over face contour kit in which there are two colors, brown and crème. Chocolate serves as shading is usually applied at the edge of the nose, cheeks, and jaw. Crème serves as highlighted usually applied on the bridge of your nose and under the eyes.

Make Over contour face this kit texture slightly powdery, so it helped really for novices to learn highlighting and contouring for easy really blended in her. On the other hand, this powdery texture that actually make the powder scattered everywhere after every dipake daaan make packaging cepet dirty! (╥_╥)

Make Over-face contour kit contains a full claim powder-coated particle the which is capable of producing a smooth makeup on the face and the result ga look broken. And think like hell, using that looks nyatu so fitting with powder and face. In addition, the face contour kit Make Over is also durable. Even after using that ablution-was not lost aja tuh (^. ^)

-Pigmented For the brown color (for the usual range of shading party, use / daily)
-Easy diblend
-Matte Not so powdery
-Kemasannya Really like complete and, hygienic brush there is a separate
-Travel Friendly
-Lokal Store brand easily found in Indonesia

-For The creme color of his / highlightnya shimmeringnya less light, so the benefits highlightnya noticeably less so happens I jadiin finishing powder makeupan wrote at the end, but to highlight the nose can still lah: D



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