Powder is great for oily skin

Oily skin can be caused by various factors can be of genetic, hormonal, food, powder, and other sebagainya.Kali we will try to solve it by using a powder that is good and powerful in overcoming your skin that have excess oil.
Powder is very suitable for the holes that have large pores.
Loose powder itself has a texture that is lighter than the compact.
And the compact powder is less suitable for oily.
But in fact, women prefer a compact powder, why?
Perhaps because the compact is more simple when taken out rather than powder.
Powder is great for oily skin 1

Powder is great for oily skin

Lots of women powder circuit capable of dealing with oily skin as a powder or kelly.Berikut inez are tips on choosing Powder is great for oily skin.

Choose a powder which has a soft texture and smoothness.
Choose a powder that has oil control.
Do not forget to select the color of the powder that is suitable for your face.

Then how to use the powder is good?
Here’s how.

First you need to clean your face with water and pat dry.
Use a foundation, moisturizer, or astringet.
For powder is highly recommended that you wear a powder brush for sponge is suitable for compact powder.
scratched your brush into the powder, should not let the outcome lot neat.
then you can carve with the brush to your face slowly and evenly.
How ladiest if you already know how to choose Powder is great for oily skin.
And so earlier are a few tips for those of you who have a problem oily


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