Oya is immediately written, this powder Revlon PhotoReady

This time I bought was a Revlon Powder Shade PhotoReady 005, why? because after I google and read a few blogs belonging to my friends, this powder and durable oil-free covegarenya enjoyable.

Oya is immediately written, this powder Revlon PhotoReady

It was black, elegant, ga cheese, yes laa, wrote almost 3x the price of my powder prices yesterday -_- ‘I bought in the store Mutiara, if ye disekitaran the city of Yogyakarta, deh certainly know this store, very famous anyway, especially for the ladies of you who like grooming, they are under a viaduct jempatan, mount it Lempuyangan, I obviously do not know the name and street address but for you who live in Yogyakarta need to know why.

Behind kepermasalahan the beginning, I said the price is almost 3 times higher than the price of the powder ku yesterday, yes, it is true, because the powder prices frequently I use 50RB end Doang costs, while Revlon PhotoReady powder I bought a 175rb price quite expensive for a student like me, wkwkwkwkwwk (vent), but just calm, ga powder easy anyway, different as talc ku previously could be discharged in 1 month, because I like the distinction, considering and weighing my face that really super duper oil, so if you pake ga yaa powder, stove kayak already face wkwkwkwk.


Anyway, the Revlon powder only 3 Shades, I forgot how the shadows, but his me this time, Shade with the number 005, which is natural (environment), why do -I say in the middle? because there are more dark than that and it is much brighter, and I get to take this place, at first hesitant because of the color is slightly darker than the skin on my face, but once applied, ngblend perfectly kok ^ _ ^

This is the image of the colored powder, chocolate, natural

From the picture above, we can conclude that the results of Revlon PhotoReady was really great, especially when used for photo hunting, but for a natural result, you do not need to use this powder with thick, because the result would be very natural, especially if you’re under the lights at night, ga want to katain want ngelenong, hohohohho

Advance without foundation and powder

It faces a natural ku, aa new shower, no powder and foundation, looking rumpled KUMEL and dull, yes my face is powder-gini, because oil is really so dull skin, the problem of the first NGK far I can break, making dull face

– The shape and elegant color
– The smell is not too oppressive
– Oil
– Nice Coveragenya
– sustainable
– Diwajah smooth
– If so how many layers will seem heavy and thick


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