Review and Prices Perfume Wardah

Has a face and a healthy body, bright, smooth and charming certainly give a plus for anyone who saw it.

But what happens when the face and bright skin was not backed up with fresh and fragrant body odor? Iyyuuuh, surely everyone can not stand too close though ladies have such a beautiful face and shapely goddess of heavenly.

To overcome this course you need a perfume. Yups, perfume or so-called perfume is a mixture of essential oils and aroma compounds, fixatives, and solvents capable of providing the fragrance for the body.

Wardah as one of the pioneers in Indonesia halal cosmetics realize that body odor is also an aspect that should not be forgotten to get the maximum display. Therefore,
Wardah issued several series perfume that can be used for daily activities.

You are reading a review parfume Wardah must already know that halal cosmetics manufacturer issued two series of different perfumes. Like what is the appearance of both?
Come, see the following for more information:
Review and Prices Perfume Wardah

Wardah Eau De Toilette (EDT)

Perfume oils basically need to be diluted with a solvent because it has a high concentration of volatile which might cause allergies and injury if applied directly to the skin or clothing. The solution itself is generally a mixture of ethanol and water or use, jojoba, coconut oil, or wax with different presentations. For perfume EDT Wardah has a composition similar to other types, ie 5-20% aromatic compounds.

Perfume Eau de Toilette Wardah is packed in a fairly simple with a minimalist design. This product is packed in a cardboard box shaped with different colors according to the aroma offered. When the box is opened, you will find information and how to use the right perfume. Wardah EDT perfume bottle is wrapped in a quite attractive and petite.

You are looking for reviews of perfume Eau de Toilette (EDT) Wardah certainly found that this product has several variants, among others Wardah Eternal Eau de Toilette, Eau de Toilette Wardah Flame, Sparks Wardah eau de Toilette and Eau de Toilette Wardah Shine.

Some of these options have different scents that can be selected at will. Prices Wardah perfume Eau de Toilette itself is quite cheap, ie in the range Rp45-50ribuan alone.

Glance at the reviews and the price of the perfume Wardah must already provide clear enough picture for you, right? Although Wardah fairly closely associated with women, but that does not mean it can not be used perfumes for men you know because some products have a strong enough scent that is appropriate if you are looking for Wardah perfume for men. Good luck.


Review and Prices Lipstick Wardah

Review and Price Lipstick Wardah – This time I will review one of the local brand Lipstick is Wardah Long Lasting Lipstick. I really buff matte lipstick, actually buy this lipstick as interested at reviewnya several beauty bloggers. Initially really hard dapetin shade “Pink Sorbet” This, nyari sebandung of cosmetics stores to counter the direct wardahnya not exist at all aliases sold out. Until finally able to find any of this shade is also not accidentally in Watson Margonda Depok. The struggle once nyari lipstick to depok.hahaha
Review and Prices Lipstick Wardah
Wardah lipstick packaging is cute, slim and travel friendly. With a silver-colored tube design gives the impression of luxury. I really like the sleek forms of packaging such as lipstick, it could easily fit into the pouch makeup and not bulky so I do not eat place.
In each of the outer packaging carton already stamped expiration date and no bpom her. Lipstick Wardah is already famous for its halal jargon this has a weight of 2.5 grams and in bandrol price £ 45,000, -.
If the contents of lipsticknya I keluarin lipsticknya plasticity slightly pink color. I deliberately choose shade “Pink Sorbet” because it is very curious of the same color.
Actually for this series Long Lasting Lipstick Wardah issued 12 shade. If you are interested in for nyoba, you just select the appropriate color similar to your wishes.
This lipstick is very unfortunate but very, very frail, very new buy and hold until dikosan I open lipsticknya and keluarin little content, it turns out he was immediately broken
Overall I think this lipstick from her usual was really beyond expectations for me. For matte series of local brand I would choose the Wardah’s brother namely Make Over Ultra Hi-Matte Lipstick.
So many times this product review. Hopefully this post helpful and see you at the next review

rudy review Hadisuwarno hair growth serum

Actually a series of hair loss treatment is not Cuma Rudy Hadisuwarno wrote serum and tonic, the full version is still no shampoo too. But I’m pretty serum life and tonicnya. Shampoonya wear mane n tail. Serum prices around Rp.65.000, – contains 6 bottles with 9 ml of serum. While the price of tonicnya around Rp.55.000, – for 225ml sizes. How to wear according to the rules anyway, serum has been used three times per week on a regular basis @ 1 bottle. Claims of this serum does, he has a maximum of four actions.

Nourishes the scalp so that the hair does not fall out.
Contribute to strengthening the structure of the hair, so the hair thicker and healthier.
Help to strengthen the hair roots by reducing the formation of DHT that causes hair loss.
Improvement of blood circulation in the roots of the hair, so that massage stimulates hair growth

The active ingredients of the hair growth serum are Rudy Hadisuwarno sephora root extract, tripeptide complex and soy protein and hydrolysed secirin. If you use the method of doing the recommended wear serum for 2 weeks, after which a new life next week tonicnya stiap day. Because the tonic itself is an advanced treatment Rudy Hadisuwarno hair serum. But since my husband was a serious loss and bald, so I use the serum three times a week and I selingin wear Rudy Hadisuwarno strong and shiny hair tonic. And the result, really do not lie. Loss reduced increasingly, and slowly began her or thin hair grow bat. Yeeeaayy “baby hair” has grown after treatment for 2 weeks.

eksturnya hair serum and hair tonic liquid, making Seger when used after washing. But I do not like too much the smell of tonicnya. Very strong smell, and I do not like the serum, instead of sticky kerasa

Review Make Over Face Contour Kit

The first time I clay packs Make Over me happy, because it is black and elegant enough for cosmetic packaging, initially just I guess the Make Over this brand outside because “the name and the packaging is great support, it turns out locally have * waw * and make me black make packaging still feels clean even after long use, because the stain dikemasan engga will ketauan lol: P, Make Over Face Contour Kit is part exterior is coated with a box of protective packaging of the product inside, already describes every section of the carton, easy for shoppers to read the “advance about this product alone

Review Make Over Face Contour Kit

I believe if every woman was awarded beauty, the beauty we perceive depends on which side. And beautiful is not always related to the physical, because the beauty of the purest and lasting is the beauty of the heart or inner beauty. Agreed, guys? :)

Someone once asked, “it’s important makeup yaa?” And I replied, yes. With air-makeup is the way I value myself as a woman and how to appreciate and take care of what is mandated by God. The next question, “you want to be beautiful for everyone?” I replied, engga. Beautiful is relative and beautiful perception of each person is different. I just want everyone to see me uncomfortable, because people tend to do a major assessment of visual or appearance. Just it

Well, it was the view I had of the beautiful and makeup. Back to the title yuk ah .. :)

Guys, one of the most important parts of the makeup is shading and contouring. Why? Due to shading and contouring can cover kekurangsempurnaan us. Such as, which was less sharp nose could look sharp, chubby cheeks can look gaunt, and so on.

Hmm .. I put on to have a product for shading and contouring, guys? If not, let’s first listened to the reviews and experiences using the following kit Make over contouring. Hope can be an additional reference for you to choose a favorite contouring product yaa ..

Make Over face contour kit is one of the best products from leading brand Indonesia, Make Over. With a weight of 14 g, face contour kit priced at IDR. 105.000, – it used to be so fit I bought (^ ▽ ^), for updated information can directly check on the web Make Over. Make Over face contour kit is also already BPOM verified, so safe to use :)

For packaging, I think Makeover face is sooo elegant contour kit! The packaging is black with a round Makeover logo on it. Already equipped with mirrors and native brush to apply the product. Based on my experience, I’ve nyobain shading use this brush, made to blend it rather difficult anyway .. as a result of his brush ga using that too. But there are some beauty blogger who says his brush dipake tasty and very useful. Depending on its comfortable we aja yaa: D

As seen in the picture above, Make Over face contour kit in which there are two colors, brown and crème. Chocolate serves as shading is usually applied at the edge of the nose, cheeks, and jaw. Crème serves as highlighted usually applied on the bridge of your nose and under the eyes.

Make Over contour face this kit texture slightly powdery, so it helped really for novices to learn highlighting and contouring for easy really blended in her. On the other hand, this powdery texture that actually make the powder scattered everywhere after every dipake daaan make packaging cepet dirty! (╥_╥)

Make Over-face contour kit contains a full claim powder-coated particle the which is capable of producing a smooth makeup on the face and the result ga look broken. And think like hell, using that looks nyatu so fitting with powder and face. In addition, the face contour kit Make Over is also durable. Even after using that ablution-was not lost aja tuh (^. ^)

-Pigmented For the brown color (for the usual range of shading party, use / daily)
-Easy diblend
-Matte Not so powdery
-Kemasannya Really like complete and, hygienic brush there is a separate
-Travel Friendly
-Lokal Store brand easily found in Indonesia

-For The creme color of his / highlightnya shimmeringnya less light, so the benefits highlightnya noticeably less so happens I jadiin finishing powder makeupan wrote at the end, but to highlight the nose can still lah: D


Powder is great for oily skin

Oily skin can be caused by various factors can be of genetic, hormonal, food, powder, and other sebagainya.Kali we will try to solve it by using a powder that is good and powerful in overcoming your skin that have excess oil.
Powder is very suitable for the holes that have large pores.
Loose powder itself has a texture that is lighter than the compact.
And the compact powder is less suitable for oily.
But in fact, women prefer a compact powder, why?
Perhaps because the compact is more simple when taken out rather than powder.
Powder is great for oily skin 1

Powder is great for oily skin

Lots of women powder circuit capable of dealing with oily skin as a powder or kelly.Berikut inez are tips on choosing Powder is great for oily skin.

Choose a powder which has a soft texture and smoothness.
Choose a powder that has oil control.
Do not forget to select the color of the powder that is suitable for your face.

Then how to use the powder is good?
Here’s how.

First you need to clean your face with water and pat dry.
Use a foundation, moisturizer, or astringet.
For powder is highly recommended that you wear a powder brush for sponge is suitable for compact powder.
scratched your brush into the powder, should not let the outcome lot neat.
then you can carve with the brush to your face slowly and evenly.
How ladiest if you already know how to choose Powder is great for oily skin.
And so earlier are a few tips for those of you who have a problem oily

Oya is immediately written, this powder Revlon PhotoReady

This time I bought was a Revlon Powder Shade PhotoReady 005, why? because after I google and read a few blogs belonging to my friends, this powder and durable oil-free covegarenya enjoyable.

Oya is immediately written, this powder Revlon PhotoReady

It was black, elegant, ga cheese, yes laa, wrote almost 3x the price of my powder prices yesterday -_- ‘I bought in the store Mutiara, if ye disekitaran the city of Yogyakarta, deh certainly know this store, very famous anyway, especially for the ladies of you who like grooming, they are under a viaduct jempatan, mount it Lempuyangan, I obviously do not know the name and street address but for you who live in Yogyakarta need to know why.

Behind kepermasalahan the beginning, I said the price is almost 3 times higher than the price of the powder ku yesterday, yes, it is true, because the powder prices frequently I use 50RB end Doang costs, while Revlon PhotoReady powder I bought a 175rb price quite expensive for a student like me, wkwkwkwkwwk (vent), but just calm, ga powder easy anyway, different as talc ku previously could be discharged in 1 month, because I like the distinction, considering and weighing my face that really super duper oil, so if you pake ga yaa powder, stove kayak already face wkwkwkwk.

Anyway, the Revlon powder only 3 Shades, I forgot how the shadows, but his me this time, Shade with the number 005, which is natural (environment), why do -I say in the middle? because there are more dark than that and it is much brighter, and I get to take this place, at first hesitant because of the color is slightly darker than the skin on my face, but once applied, ngblend perfectly kok ^ _ ^

This is the image of the colored powder, chocolate, natural

From the picture above, we can conclude that the results of Revlon PhotoReady was really great, especially when used for photo hunting, but for a natural result, you do not need to use this powder with thick, because the result would be very natural, especially if you’re under the lights at night, ga want to katain want ngelenong, hohohohho

Advance without foundation and powder

It faces a natural ku, aa new shower, no powder and foundation, looking rumpled KUMEL and dull, yes my face is powder-gini, because oil is really so dull skin, the problem of the first NGK far I can break, making dull face

– The shape and elegant color
– The smell is not too oppressive
– Oil
– Nice Coveragenya
– sustainable
– Diwajah smooth
– If so how many layers will seem heavy and thick