Review Purbasari Matte Lipstick

This time I want to review the local Lipen again ngehitz because besides the price murce Marice quality is also good. No half-hearted I will review the complete series of 10 color Matte Lipstic Purbasari this. So please understand well if his post is rather long and drawing lots

Lipen is packaged in a black box and there is a guide number and color on the outside, a little bit less accurate anyway according to me but pretty lah create a guide, unfortunately in packaging lipennya no guide to its color so if you have not memorized the same colors are still just have to unscrew the Lipen. Lipennya own form of packaging a sleek box-shaped black glossy, I think this combination of luxury and glam impressed. Oh yes the contents of this Lipen 4gr enough alone and is a little bit more than Lipen-Lipen but in my opinion not even matter. Because let me quickly run out and I could buy a new one again hi hi hi ….
Texture of Lipen is not equal to one and other, but on average quite creamy when used. Some colors are more nude bit sluggish at the start of use than lighter colors such as red but eventually everything pretty easily applied to the lips. The end result according matte color well and somehow cuman I wrote or some are ngeh but this Lipen fragrance is like chewing gum yosan deh.

In terms of performance for all of the colors on average last about 3-4 hours on my lips and has already started to fade after the lunch hour, so usually I use again later. As for the terms of humidity for Lipen matte which incidentally likes to make dry lips Purbasari the success did not make my lips more dry, but with the proviso wear lipbalm before bermakeup in the morning and usually I also wear lipbalm again during the day.

All colors of Purbasari is quite opaque and cover the original lip color well

No. 85 – Safir
If you want to use the color red but still shy might first try no. This 85. When in the swatch does look red but when applied to my lips over to pinkish red color.

No. 86 – Topaz
One range nude again but if I wear brown color so really.

No. 87 – Emerald
Then again like with fuchsia and find Lipen that murce cobain deh no. This 87.

It costs around £ 30k ajah murmer (can be changed at any time)
Does not make dry lips

The color is much older
Just be sure there are 10 shades, add the so so 20 ato how lah


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