Review Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer

I often stay up all night because college-hour day to night.
Finally my bedtime too shifted and I often could not sleep until dawn.
As a result, my bag was blackened due to fatigue and lack of rest.
Of course this is very disturbing because it looks fresh appearance.
Therefore, I was tricked by using a concealer Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer # Medium Sand.

Actually I’ve been using this product since last year, even to buy again.
Post is also already since last year in the draft of my blog,
but I’ve had time to publish her review now hahaha

Come see before after use this concealer
so it can make the eyes look brighter sac instantly

Formula with Micro-minerals content provide thorough coverage,
to disguise dark spots and imperfections on the face.

Packagingnya itself is simple and not adventurous, interesting though plasticity tetep not use a dull black color to finished package. The container is transparent so we can see how many products already living in the palace bottle. So if you’ve wanted abis could’ve disambi hunt discount on the next purchase, Muahaha ..

For its size is quite small but full contents and worth it with the price.
I forget exactly but it costs about 60s nih abis I asked cici me, because she just bought. ha ha ha ha. Just ga not afraid, Maybelline it without me knowing it has become my favorite makeup brands during the past one year. Why would I be like? Because he price is very very affordable, available everywhere, so that already fit and stay longer keabisan nyari to nearby shops and the most important points is SO OFTEN DISCOUNT! Pantengin twitter aja ato fesbuknya, he often kok discounts everywhere. Most often still at Hypermart discount until 20% and sometimes even 40%, but unfortunately the items in Hypermart was not complete. Complete in Matahari Department Store but there if discounts are rare and not as much in Hypermart

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