Fix comparison Pixy Bright BB Cream BB Cream Vs Wardah Everyday

Pixy Bright BB Cream Fix claims 12 hours advance wearer tetep bright. If I said the heck tetep pektay and not tetep bright. Because the shade of his still somewhat whitish in me, and after a long wait, the color is not dropped / ngebaur / oxi / something at all. So if ya pas this life I have to wear a rather dark powder.

Pixy’s BB Cream SPF 30 PA +++ and contents in which he said the white mbikin betcha. Continues in its ingredient Dimethicone I read there, but surprisingly he really is not no slick effects and rich smooth cream Korea BB so yes? He said this Dimethicone which give effect slick and smooth.

I use the Pixy’s BB Cream 5 days in a row and did not break out. My skin condition-baek baek also wrote, not kusem or anything.

If Wardah BB Cream Everyday there are two types, the usual green color (mine’s) and the lightening. I chose the green. And I know from the past and review outstanding issues, if the quality is bagusan the basic series than lightening.

The content-abortion really focus to moisturize and nourish, because that whiten already placed itself at lightening series. Wardah BB Cream also contains SPF 30, but without PA. I do not know why Wardah kekeuh if ngeluarin existing product protection to sunlight, really never wear PA. Even sunscreen gel his Wardah also nobody PA was loh!

To just know that SPF indicates the level of protection of the skin from UV B rays, which can cause sunburn, and increases the likelihood of our skin to skin cancer. While the PA indicates the level of protection of the skin from UV A rays, which can cause damage to the skin such as wrinkles and symptoms of premature aging. Moreover, it also causes us to be black leather (tanning). I once wrote about it here.

I’ve also been testing the use of BB cream for a week in a row and there’s no side effects or break out.

For color / shade, I do not choose themselves. I wrote the same according to his BA. BA Pixy its good deh, he was jamming swatches one by one of the three types of BB cream shade, so I could choose. But because of my confusion and indecisive, his BA Pixy my milihin shade Cream. The BA said its most natural shade and in the middle. But it turned out to be too bright in my n.d. Not papa, ya BA Pixy, I’m sorry. Because there baek, friendly, and smiling. Hopefully many rejekinya ya, ya.

If BA Wardah Pearl oath really bitchy. Which in Jogja if buying Wardah Gardena aja, not in Mutiara. Ngenakin not really his BA oath. Pas I say want to see his BB Cream diambilin the series lightening, he continued to touch up the powder. I protested: “not the lightening, ya. The bottle green.” Then he ambilin the green, and then touch up the lipstick. I asked again: “shade her how many, ya?”. Answered: “That’s just.” While benerin whatever in his face, no look in my face. Pas I said: “yes already deh ya, that is.” Ma’am bikinin his memorandum, and nyorongin ngeliat memorandum to me without me, then cool again. I asked: “again dapet ya, ya? What is her boyfriend cheating? Want to vent?” New him ngeliatin me, even with a furious face, and turn my nyuekin while ngeloyor go before he confide real #PHP.

(Update: the Wardah he already cracking down about BA less friendly. BA Wardah that pearl is already get a warning and replaced loh! I am very happy there is a brand of cosmetics that want to listen to the complaints of consumers like this. Hopefully the future service of all cosmetics brand locally better yet ya)

Wardah that I dapet light shade. I do not know how many shade should be. Shade light fitting is in my opinion in my face, not whitish, and also do not oxidise.

Pixy – Wardah

Pixy cream shade lighter color shade if you compare Wardah the light. They both have the same hint of yellow but not so strong.

Pixy – Wardah
When poured, feels that the more dilute than Wardah pixy. But already in the fitting ups, new Wardah discovered that a lighter consistency. BB cream in this Wardah no sensation feels like water so when dibaur. Nyerep Wardah also easier to peel. But both are relatively light and easy dibaur.

Coverage of both incoming class to sheer to medium. Not bad for ngeratain closed Redness and skin color, but ya do not shut-shut the hell. Moderately lah.
Pixy Bright Fit The result is more powdery and matte compared Wardah Everyday. And my skin is dry, it is more tricky Pixy wear it. Must be in a state of super moist skin, can only perfect dibaur without cakey. If Wardah still use a moisturizer in the usual manner aja okay.


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