review are Wardah lightening facial serum

The first product I review are Wardah lightening facial serum Well, hell tuh serum? In the world of beauty is serum is a liquid formula containing active substances that are useful to improve the structure of the skin

I bought this Wardah lightening facial serum in 1 pack – contents of 5 small bottles @ 5ml. The price is Rp 52.000, – / pack. One small bottle can be used for 7-10 days (depending on the amount of usage as well)
On the packaging says that this serum contains vitamin B3 which helps brighten dull skin and make the skin look more white, clean and shining. Errrrr seems I was wrong to buy products wkwkwk because the initial goal I was looking serum for nano scar while this product is to whiten: P (I think the difference loh ya between removing scars / acne skin whitening) But then because it was already purchased, mending I try wear once wrote
In terms of packaging small bottle! Easy for carry anywhere and the lid is also easily opened. Initially I thought this serum liquid as Beautee but it looks like a gel, the color is clear and almost odorless.

How to use topically serum gently on skin that has been cleaned – morning and evening before moisturizing. Once the serum is applied come forward, initially feels sticky. But after a while sticky lost. The liquid itself easily absorbed into the skin. But too bad this serum bit sore especially when regarding my skin with acne

But it deh ya as I said above, I was wrong to buy products hahaha nano should not scar serum lightening serum LOL


Halal cosmetics brand
Packaging portability
To measure the serum, the price is relatively cheap
Easily applied to the face, quickly absorbed


Somewhat sticky (but not for long scar)
a bit sore

Repurchase: want to see the first results of the use in the long term. If there is a significant change, I’ll probably buy again


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