product innovations from Garnier Garnier Light Complete ie White Speed

I will discuss the latest product innovations from Garnier Garnier Light Complete ie White Speed. What’s the difference at that yesterday? That there are additional Whitespeed Serum. He said the hell with this serum can whiten the skin very quickly! Just within one week only

Day 2 macem creamnya itself there, one for dry skin and the other for oily skin. We start from the Garnier Light White Speed Complete Day Cream with SPF for dry skin. Although arguably create dry skin but for this I use my oily skin is also not so oilfields anyway, just so unusual. Its texture is somewhat padet and need a little more time for ngebaurinnya. Not until make tired anyway, still it is natural. Just after you think about it, I wrote a rather tasteless oily skin mat after use this, how are ya dry skin? After using that weve direct skin whiter plasticity but it was rich white residue from creamnya. The whiteness thin and ngebantu create ngeratain skin color, the finish also tends matte so I love-love wrote. Gak durable heck, yeah least 3-4 hours so white and his skin is already so rich ilang normal again.
Belanjut to Garnier Light Complete Day Cream White Speed, ya are intended for oily skin. Its texture is more tasteless than use SPF padet and more drag dibaurinnya time. The end result is more Shadow and see the rest of the white residue is more obvious plasticity. Well if that’s the make must ati-ati ya. After many years I use this, after going through many changes either significant or not, which is tuh cepet really using that time in skin dryness.

for the night he was Garnier Light Speed Complete White Night Cream. According to my night cream that’s important because if met night cream that Cuco, fitting waking tuh advance so plasticity softer and smoother so. Heck if I continue mikirnya malem it’s fitting we do not go anywhere, do not meet the pollution and dust, so it can better absorb skincare. Also kept longer if the use of ac so sleep can make skin dry, so it should be really deh use skin moisturizer not let sisikan. Past the pretty sisikan. Well, the night cream texture is the most gentle and moisturizing among others.

Overall I really like to luminance Garnier Light Complete White Speed is because not make break out at all. Rich my heart really happy and relieved to see soap that not make break out. Because lately Gatau why her skin is sensitive Abis together all the soap that I cobain so spotty until segede eyelets, already mutually tetep wrote spotty. After a long diet soap and is so happy to see you


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