Wardah powder for oily skin

There are so many women in the Indonesian powder product which has an advantage in dealing with oily skin and acne, one of which is a powder Wardah. This Wardah powder has a lot of variants that had the ability to overcome skin problems one of which is a powder Wardah luminousface 02 beige powder. From some of the reviews stated that the powder Wardah luminousface 02 beige powder is perfect for oily skin.

Wardah powder for oily skin

Powder is Wardah is highly recommended for those who have oily skin. when used as powder can absorb the sweat from your skin. The face will look fresh after using this powder, the powder texture is also very soft Wardah so very comfortable when worn. Many have me review Wardah if the powder is not durable or easily fade when worn, maybe you can outsmart by wearing foundation first, other than that as we knew that the powder is less cumbersome than the current compact carry for traveling.
Pengunaa this powder is very easy you just need to sprinkle and then applying foundation to your face slowly evenly and do not forget to let me use a durable foundation.

Price Wardah luminousface powder dusting powder is also relatively cost between 30,000 to 35,000.

Well, how? Are you interested in using one of the Wardah powder suitable for oily skin, blackheads, acne, dull it? For maximum results, proceed anyway cosmetics collection with various other Wardah products make your skin more healthy and beautiful maximum.



Fix comparison Pixy Bright BB Cream BB Cream Vs Wardah Everyday

Pixy Bright BB Cream Fix claims 12 hours advance wearer tetep bright. If I said the heck tetep pektay and not tetep bright. Because the shade of his still somewhat whitish in me, and after a long wait, the color is not dropped / ngebaur / oxi / something at all. So if ya pas this life I have to wear a rather dark powder.

Pixy’s BB Cream SPF 30 PA +++ and contents in which he said the white mbikin betcha. Continues in its ingredient Dimethicone I read there, but surprisingly he really is not no slick effects and rich smooth cream Korea BB so yes? He said this Dimethicone which give effect slick and smooth.

I use the Pixy’s BB Cream 5 days in a row and did not break out. My skin condition-baek baek also wrote, not kusem or anything.

If Wardah BB Cream Everyday there are two types, the usual green color (mine’s) and the lightening. I chose the green. And I know from the past and review outstanding issues, if the quality is bagusan the basic series than lightening.

The content-abortion really focus to moisturize and nourish, because that whiten already placed itself at lightening series. Wardah BB Cream also contains SPF 30, but without PA. I do not know why Wardah kekeuh if ngeluarin existing product protection to sunlight, really never wear PA. Even sunscreen gel his Wardah also nobody PA was loh!

To just know that SPF indicates the level of protection of the skin from UV B rays, which can cause sunburn, and increases the likelihood of our skin to skin cancer. While the PA indicates the level of protection of the skin from UV A rays, which can cause damage to the skin such as wrinkles and symptoms of premature aging. Moreover, it also causes us to be black leather (tanning). I once wrote about it here.

I’ve also been testing the use of BB cream for a week in a row and there’s no side effects or break out.

For color / shade, I do not choose themselves. I wrote the same according to his BA. BA Pixy its good deh, he was jamming swatches one by one of the three types of BB cream shade, so I could choose. But because of my confusion and indecisive, his BA Pixy my milihin shade Cream. The BA said its most natural shade and in the middle. But it turned out to be too bright in my n.d. Not papa, ya BA Pixy, I’m sorry. Because there baek, friendly, and smiling. Hopefully many rejekinya ya, ya.

If BA Wardah Pearl oath really bitchy. Which in Jogja if buying Wardah Gardena aja, not in Mutiara. Ngenakin not really his BA oath. Pas I say want to see his BB Cream diambilin the series lightening, he continued to touch up the powder. I protested: “not the lightening, ya. The bottle green.” Then he ambilin the green, and then touch up the lipstick. I asked again: “shade her how many, ya?”. Answered: “That’s just.” While benerin whatever in his face, no look in my face. Pas I said: “yes already deh ya, that is.” Ma’am bikinin his memorandum, and nyorongin ngeliat memorandum to me without me, then cool again. I asked: “again dapet ya, ya? What is her boyfriend cheating? Want to vent?” New him ngeliatin me, even with a furious face, and turn my nyuekin while ngeloyor go before he confide real #PHP.

(Update: the Wardah he already cracking down about BA less friendly. BA Wardah that pearl is already get a warning and replaced loh! I am very happy there is a brand of cosmetics that want to listen to the complaints of consumers like this. Hopefully the future service of all cosmetics brand locally better yet ya)

Wardah that I dapet light shade. I do not know how many shade should be. Shade light fitting is in my opinion in my face, not whitish, and also do not oxidise.

Pixy – Wardah

Pixy cream shade lighter color shade if you compare Wardah the light. They both have the same hint of yellow but not so strong.

Pixy – Wardah
When poured, feels that the more dilute than Wardah pixy. But already in the fitting ups, new Wardah discovered that a lighter consistency. BB cream in this Wardah no sensation feels like water so when dibaur. Nyerep Wardah also easier to peel. But both are relatively light and easy dibaur.

Coverage of both incoming class to sheer to medium. Not bad for ngeratain closed Redness and skin color, but ya do not shut-shut the hell. Moderately lah.
Pixy Bright Fit The result is more powdery and matte compared Wardah Everyday. And my skin is dry, it is more tricky Pixy wear it. Must be in a state of super moist skin, can only perfect dibaur without cakey. If Wardah still use a moisturizer in the usual manner aja okay.

Review Purbasari Matte Lipstick

This time I want to review the local Lipen again ngehitz because besides the price murce Marice quality is also good. No half-hearted I will review the complete series of 10 color Matte Lipstic Purbasari this. So please understand well if his post is rather long and drawing lots

Lipen is packaged in a black box and there is a guide number and color on the outside, a little bit less accurate anyway according to me but pretty lah create a guide, unfortunately in packaging lipennya no guide to its color so if you have not memorized the same colors are still just have to unscrew the Lipen. Lipennya own form of packaging a sleek box-shaped black glossy, I think this combination of luxury and glam impressed. Oh yes the contents of this Lipen 4gr enough alone and is a little bit more than Lipen-Lipen but in my opinion not even matter. Because let me quickly run out and I could buy a new one again hi hi hi ….
Texture of Lipen is not equal to one and other, but on average quite creamy when used. Some colors are more nude bit sluggish at the start of use than lighter colors such as red but eventually everything pretty easily applied to the lips. The end result according matte color well and somehow cuman I wrote or some are ngeh but this Lipen fragrance is like chewing gum yosan deh.

In terms of performance for all of the colors on average last about 3-4 hours on my lips and has already started to fade after the lunch hour, so usually I use again later. As for the terms of humidity for Lipen matte which incidentally likes to make dry lips Purbasari the success did not make my lips more dry, but with the proviso wear lipbalm before bermakeup in the morning and usually I also wear lipbalm again during the day.

All colors of Purbasari is quite opaque and cover the original lip color well

No. 85 – Safir
If you want to use the color red but still shy might first try no. This 85. When in the swatch does look red but when applied to my lips over to pinkish red color.

No. 86 – Topaz
One range nude again but if I wear brown color so really.

No. 87 – Emerald
Then again like with fuchsia and find Lipen that murce cobain deh no. This 87.

It costs around £ 30k ajah murmer (can be changed at any time)
Does not make dry lips

The color is much older
Just be sure there are 10 shades, add the so so 20 ato how lah

Review Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder

Review Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder – Rimmel brand name it was already no stranger to. Many are already out and try beauty products of this brand from the USA. Not to be outdone, I decided to try one for powder products that are really booming in Youtube. Even my favorite youtoubers Bethany Mota (MacBarbie07) and Meredith Foster (stilababe09) very often use this powder to set up all the results of make-up.

Packaging of powder is also very simple, even seem very fragile and bulky. Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder is not equipped with a sponge or brush to apply powder at all. Also is troublesome enough and I ended up using a mini kabuki brush of Eco tools so soft on my face. Plus this powder does not include glass, so for those of you ladies who like to touch up again many times, make sure to bring a mini mirror everywhere!

For me, it was important especially using talcum powder to absorb oil on my face that his condition is very oily. Need to note, that this type of face is very oily in all areas of the face, not only in the T zone area only. Happens I was often really hunt or bb cream powder formulation that is specifically for oily skin.

Usually when to travel I use this powder layer 3-4, in order to cover more steady and expect more cepet not greasy. But for daily use, this powder layer 1-2 kugunakan only because of his position only for finishing and set-up of bb creamku.

In conclusion, I was quite disappointed with the outcome of this powder that was really far from ekspektasiku. The price for the US is not so expensive, it’s a drugstore products as an alternative to expensive makeup. But when converted back into rupiah, it costs about 100 thousand. Such as powders previously wore, I was quite expecting much from this powder but it turns out this powder it can not survive in the face of extreme such as oil fields. Pores are also difficult to be covered, should be used repeatedly with an application that is thick enough. But perhaps the face of you that the condition is not as extreme as the condition of my face, Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder powder may be an option that is lightweight and can be used daily. In addition, powder packaging is also not travel very handy and easy to crack. So not to drop the powder packaging, packaging scared, which cracked and its contents scattered everywhere


Review Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer

I often stay up all night because college-hour day to night.
Finally my bedtime too shifted and I often could not sleep until dawn.
As a result, my bag was blackened due to fatigue and lack of rest.
Of course this is very disturbing because it looks fresh appearance.
Therefore, I was tricked by using a concealer Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer # Medium Sand.

Actually I’ve been using this product since last year, even to buy again.
Post is also already since last year in the draft of my blog,
but I’ve had time to publish her review now hahaha

Come see before after use this concealer
so it can make the eyes look brighter sac instantly

Formula with Micro-minerals content provide thorough coverage,
to disguise dark spots and imperfections on the face.

Packagingnya itself is simple and not adventurous, interesting though plasticity tetep not use a dull black color to finished package. The container is transparent so we can see how many products already living in the palace bottle. So if you’ve wanted abis could’ve disambi hunt discount on the next purchase, Muahaha ..

For its size is quite small but full contents and worth it with the price.
I forget exactly but it costs about 60s nih abis I asked cici me, because she just bought. ha ha ha ha. Just ga not afraid, Maybelline it without me knowing it has become my favorite makeup brands during the past one year. Why would I be like? Because he price is very very affordable, available everywhere, so that already fit and stay longer keabisan nyari to nearby shops and the most important points is SO OFTEN DISCOUNT! Pantengin twitter aja ato fesbuknya, he often kok discounts everywhere. Most often still at Hypermart discount until 20% and sometimes even 40%, but unfortunately the items in Hypermart was not complete. Complete in Matahari Department Store but there if discounts are rare and not as much in Hypermart

product innovations from Garnier Garnier Light Complete ie White Speed

I will discuss the latest product innovations from Garnier Garnier Light Complete ie White Speed. What’s the difference at that yesterday? That there are additional Whitespeed Serum. He said the hell with this serum can whiten the skin very quickly! Just within one week only

Day 2 macem creamnya itself there, one for dry skin and the other for oily skin. We start from the Garnier Light White Speed Complete Day Cream with SPF for dry skin. Although arguably create dry skin but for this I use my oily skin is also not so oilfields anyway, just so unusual. Its texture is somewhat padet and need a little more time for ngebaurinnya. Not until make tired anyway, still it is natural. Just after you think about it, I wrote a rather tasteless oily skin mat after use this, how are ya dry skin? After using that weve direct skin whiter plasticity but it was rich white residue from creamnya. The whiteness thin and ngebantu create ngeratain skin color, the finish also tends matte so I love-love wrote. Gak durable heck, yeah least 3-4 hours so white and his skin is already so rich ilang normal again.
Belanjut to Garnier Light Complete Day Cream White Speed, ya are intended for oily skin. Its texture is more tasteless than use SPF padet and more drag dibaurinnya time. The end result is more Shadow and see the rest of the white residue is more obvious plasticity. Well if that’s the make must ati-ati ya. After many years I use this, after going through many changes either significant or not, which is tuh cepet really using that time in skin dryness.

for the night he was Garnier Light Speed Complete White Night Cream. According to my night cream that’s important because if met night cream that Cuco, fitting waking tuh advance so plasticity softer and smoother so. Heck if I continue mikirnya malem it’s fitting we do not go anywhere, do not meet the pollution and dust, so it can better absorb skincare. Also kept longer if the use of ac so sleep can make skin dry, so it should be really deh use skin moisturizer not let sisikan. Past the pretty sisikan. Well, the night cream texture is the most gentle and moisturizing among others.

Overall I really like to luminance Garnier Light Complete White Speed is because not make break out at all. Rich my heart really happy and relieved to see soap that not make break out. Because lately Gatau why her skin is sensitive Abis together all the soap that I cobain so spotty until segede eyelets, already mutually tetep wrote spotty. After a long diet soap and is so happy to see you

review are Wardah lightening facial serum

The first product I review are Wardah lightening facial serum Well, hell tuh serum? In the world of beauty is serum is a liquid formula containing active substances that are useful to improve the structure of the skin

I bought this Wardah lightening facial serum in 1 pack – contents of 5 small bottles @ 5ml. The price is Rp 52.000, – / pack. One small bottle can be used for 7-10 days (depending on the amount of usage as well)
On the packaging says that this serum contains vitamin B3 which helps brighten dull skin and make the skin look more white, clean and shining. Errrrr seems I was wrong to buy products wkwkwk because the initial goal I was looking serum for nano scar while this product is to whiten: P (I think the difference loh ya between removing scars / acne skin whitening) But then because it was already purchased, mending I try wear once wrote
In terms of packaging small bottle! Easy for carry anywhere and the lid is also easily opened. Initially I thought this serum liquid as Beautee but it looks like a gel, the color is clear and almost odorless.

How to use topically serum gently on skin that has been cleaned – morning and evening before moisturizing. Once the serum is applied come forward, initially feels sticky. But after a while sticky lost. The liquid itself easily absorbed into the skin. But too bad this serum bit sore especially when regarding my skin with acne

But it deh ya as I said above, I was wrong to buy products hahaha nano should not scar serum lightening serum LOL


Halal cosmetics brand
Packaging portability
To measure the serum, the price is relatively cheap
Easily applied to the face, quickly absorbed


Somewhat sticky (but not for long scar)
a bit sore

Repurchase: want to see the first results of the use in the long term. If there is a significant change, I’ll probably buy again