this time we will discuss a little about inez powder

In addition to reducing the sense of confident, oily skin is also not good for our health, and that causes acne on the face is also caused by active oil glands in the skin that our own.To you need to handle it with powder that has advantages for oily and acne

Lots of powder product woman in Indonesia ranging from Indonesia’s own import and artificial powdery kelly and maybelline all have the advantage to overcome oily skin and acne.
But this time we will discuss a little about inez powder.
correcting cream

This powder is a cream powder which has 5 variant colors: light tends to light, medium tend to be dark, vivid between light and dark, and the dark color darker.
Keunggulanya are:

Black blemishes on the face.
Remove dead skin cells on the face.
Reduce acne on the skin.
shrink pores – pores of your face.
This powder price range of 50,000 to Rp.60.000.

Natural finish powder

For a natural finish this powder has only one color variant. For a natural finish powder is also classified as a powder. And this keunggulanya.

Make our faces bright white and blush.
Soften and smooth our skin.
Powder price is in the range Rp.45.000 up to 50.000.


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