Powder pigeon for acne prone skin

Powder pigeon for acne prone skin – Coping with Acne should be in a proper way because otherwise it will only make your acne banyak.Banyak grow once the powder is able to overcome acne skin such as talc ultima, but this time we will discuss about the powder pigeon which has the advantage in dealing with acne prone skin

Powder pigeon has two kinds of variants which are compact powder and two way cake. Powder these women also have some kind of shade there are white, beige, yellow and gold.
Many positive reviews about this pigeon powder which states that this powder is suitable to cope with acne prone skin. There are also stating that two way cake powder pigeon is a little heavy on the face, Maybe it was because of skin problems because of a woman’s skin is different.

In coping with oily skin may be less suitable powder pigeon, because it has no oil control.
So what are the advantages of this powder pigeon?
The following benefits and keunggulanya.
This powder has moisturizers that make the face moist and smooth feel while wearing them.
This pigeon powder also contains UV protection to protect skin from sunburn.
Possessed a natural finish that is not heavy on the face.
soft texture that will make it easier to clean the powder so it does not cause acne due to blockage of the pores on your skin.
This powder very affordable prices ranging from Rp.23.000 up to 25.000.

In order not to cause acne keep cleaning your face, it would be better if you clean your face before applying the powder.


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