Review Wardah Everyday Beauty Balm Cream

In this post I will discuss about new products from Wardah, namely Wardah Everyday Beauty Balm Cream or often people call Wardah BB Cream.
Previously, Wardah is a local brand that is quite rapid development. Wardahpun fairly complete range of products ranging from skincare to makeup. This time Wardah issued skincare plus makeup that had a boom, ie BB Beauty Balm Cream or Cream. I was quite impressed at Wardah issuing BB Cream, but most of BB Cream is a product outside while BB Cream local products are still rather rare.

I bought Wardah BB Cream is priced at 25k for 15ml size. Dus and tubenya green color, packaging, such as packaging very mini sample, probably because of the small package out so well first time. Who knows, the longer and the more demand there is a larger package and maybe the price will gradually rise, azzzzzz – ”
Wardah BB Cream has 2 light shade that is natural and, unfortunately very little color choice. I had this is a natural shade, because the natural SA said Ms. very suitable for my skin color is not too bright and not dark.
Wardah is also equipped with a BB Cream SPF 30, which would protect our skin from the sun, unfortunately only has an SPF of course, have no PA ++.

Wardah BB Cream in the claim as makeup + skincare concept is inspired by nature, for beautiful skin ternutrisi. Wardah BB Cream contains extracts of Aloe Vera and Bio Hyluronic Acid as a moisturizer with Berak Water Technology can remove water droplets that can moisturize and cooling when applied. Wardah BB Cream also has Witch Haze extract and Zinc Glucinate as oil control.

Actually, I do not quite understand about komosisi a cosmetic, only know some of the less good for the skin such as the kinds of parabens as preservatives in cosmetics pointless.

Texture of Wardah BB Cream is creamy, not smelling too. I love it because this time the product Wardah not use perfume, do not bother deh to nose ^^.
The color itself is very natural, it is actually one level below the color looks drawn. Because the camera shots that are too opaque, inexplicably whereas on the camera screen still sunny but after moving to the notebook so opaque, azzzz (OOT)
When applied (flattened gently with a hand) was rough, not like BB Cream in general. That’s because Wardah BB Cream Break Water Technology has to issue a fine-grained form of water when desegregated. The function of the water droplets is to moisturize our skin as a substitute for various types of oil on ingredidients.
Unfortunately for Water Break Technology Wardah BB Cream is rather difficult diaurkan smoothly. BB creamnya will look uneven as shown above. So it should be really with the power of flattening.

After Blend:

The application in the face:

My Bare Face:

Using Wardah BB Cream:

After 8 Hours:

Once applied to the results matte face and blend with the color of my skin, it can cover some part whose color is uneven. To cover the redness or blemishes acne scars I feel should be added using a concealer closed again so perfect. No cause more oily faces also looohh although about 2 hours we should apply loose powder so. Wardah BB Cream can last hinggal 8jam with enough results even after 8 hours memuaskanm looks somewhat cakey kumus-kumus bit in some parts in the photo above. Tips from me, for those who have dry skin I recommend using a moisturizer first before using Wardah BB Cream, because Wardah less moisturizing BB Cream for dry skin. Although it contains SPF30 should not linger in the sun.


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