Review Ovale Facial Mask

Since meeting with Ovale Facial Mask sya have yet to try a face mask other than the mask sheet sent by websites terlau -which results were not satisfactory, for sya- When compared with other facial masks, according to sya Ovale Facial Mask is a facial mask the most convenient to use while providing real results.
“Ovale Facial Mask containing yam extract, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which helps cleanse, refresh, brighten, tighten, while caring for the skin. Ovale Facial Mask enriched with algae extracts which help maintain skin moisture. Very easy to use and helps remove dead skin cells. ”

Ovale Facial Mask variants bengkoang sya this review is a new product. Well, who distinguish Ovale Ovale Facial Mask Facial Mask old with the new is the texture mask. Ovale Facial Mask this new paste form can be used directly without mixing it with water or rose water. This paste is white in color and texture is quite thick but very soft, almost no difference with the old Ovale Facial Mask-which has been mixed with water and molded dough. Ovale Facial Mask has a fragrant aroma and do not sting.

The use of new Ovale Facial Mask is more practical than the long Facial Mask Ovale shaped bubuk- -which just apply the mask on the face except the eyes and lips. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes until dry. Rinse with warm water until clean … Similar to the old Ovale Facial Mask, Facial Mask Ovale recently when applied and dried, the mask remains stuck in the face with her beautiful. Its texture was smooth, not rough like other products -which often mask fall when worn. Well, if this does not Ovale Facial Mask …

Ovale Facial Mask new works as well as Ovale Facial Mask longer, which tightens the skin, and felt at the time to wear it. ‘Tight Effect’ is the advantages of this product compared with other similar products. At the time of wearing it, do not do activities that move the skin such as eating, drinking, smiling, or speaking, because it will cause cracks so as to make maximum use of the product is not. The results of the use of this new Ovale Facial Mask skin feels smooth, firm, fresh and bright glow.

Ovale Facial Mask This new packaging is also new lhooo … Ovale Facial Mask is packaged in sachets, top there is a hole so that the product can be hung. On each long side there are indentations masi (see the photo). Whatever that meant, might be more easily grasped but by sya actually looks strange. The front cover nuanced chocolate cream, pictorial bengkoang + plus portrait of a smiling woman wearing masks. Somewhat amused also still ngelihatnya, but whatever-is yes essential products not disappoint …

Price tag Ovale Facial Mask @ Rp. 5780, – (as of April 2015). Quite affordable right ??? One sachet contents Ovale Facial Mask 15 ml disposable. Ovale long Facial Mask also contains 15 ml but could be used 2 to 3 times of use. So, actually Ovale Facial Mask long jatohnya more efficient


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