review wardah Luminous Face Powder

Wardah Luminous Face Powder has 4shared, I chose number 03 because ivory Ma’am SA said it is best suited to my skin is brown. Sempet doubt anyway because of fear of dark or too kelitahan terlaklu not use talcum powder. But then I convinced myself the reason if I wear CC Cream Telling U (review, here) which turned out to make skintone I ride ‘upfront N’ spotted at hand. With great expectations, I adopt one Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) is. The price is not expensive, only 30ribu to the size of 30 grams.
Still no price tag lohhh, hihiii
Okay now let’s discuss one by one well.
1. Packaging
Packaging Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) is a powder like most others I have, packaging bulky fat alias. Is not practical and can not enter the pouch makeup me. He also had a filter on the middle point of the powder out.
2. Applicator
Make me the Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) is aplikatornya intention buildup Iyah one loose powder with applicator pretty good, thick and soft. I’m not rich loose powder before the aplikatornya Shining. – ”
3. Ingredient
I was not too understand this problem, only that I know does still contain perfumes, talc. But Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) contains corn (zea mays), aka corn flour there is also the content of the powder Marks’ great place to soak up the oil. Not make oily.
4. Shade
As I said Wardah Luminous Face Powder got me and so was the Ivory shade when applied to the skin of the hands that are not white. Hihiii …
5. Stay Power
Stay power Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) according to usual I wrote, I wear the hours of 9 am and 11 have started to appear oils in the area of ​​T zone, though not so much anyway. Photo to the left of the new time applied at 9 and on the right adalahfoto after 2 hours nemplok in the face, oily but not rich oxy deh – ”
Over All Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) is not bad lah.

(+) Offers Aplikatornya contained many good fit at the skin color in my face Gak oxy
(-) The packaging is bulky Stay powernya ordinary aja


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