Garnier review Sakura Pinkish White Radiance Gentle Foam

 Garnier review Sakura Pinkish White Radiance Gentle Foam – Packagingnya pinky really like! Her white tobe kept no pictures so sakura flowers, pink flip lid. Rp21.000 the price for the 100ml tube size (cost huh!) And easily found in supermarkets-supermarket. Seger passable Foamnya flower fragrance like lah, soft texture mmm ..rata average heck kayak soap to wash my face in general, tend to be mushy when held then placed in the hands, but the time leveling and soft tasty indeed membusakan gituuu. I like fitting finished face wash my face it felt mat, right there tuh soap are depleted using that feels slippery-smooth on the face I do not like kayaking not clean just great: I Kalo garnier cherry baseball, was really clean mat and face me. So very happy to wash my face three times a day maybe I wash my face .. * busett make cepet Abis LOL XD but weve I orangnya so especially if more activities that I sweat profusely duuhhh gabisa away from soap hehehe .. so far I’ve ngehabisin 3 tube sizes 100ml and 50ml 1 tube size yaps I’ve long not to move the hearts of these white sakura garnier, because weve match and I’m happy xixixi

His claim the product is enriched with cherry extract, cleanse gently and thoroughly, the face looks fresh and blushing bright white / pink in 7 days. The formula is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. The result after face wash my face kerasa Seger and clean look fresh and unsightly * ea * after I use a couple of months, add white baseball’s yes, but my face is bright and not dull (the same white bright depending know yaaa) if for me anyway important bright and clean xD

It affordable for students like me
Effect after washing your face and clean face rough
fragrance seger



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