Powder pigeon for acne prone skin

Powder pigeon for acne prone skin – Coping with Acne should be in a proper way because otherwise it will only make your acne banyak.Banyak grow once the powder is able to overcome acne skin such as talc ultima, but this time we will discuss about the powder pigeon which has the advantage in dealing with acne prone skin

Powder pigeon has two kinds of variants which are compact powder and two way cake. Powder these women also have some kind of shade there are white, beige, yellow and gold.
Many positive reviews about this pigeon powder which states that this powder is suitable to cope with acne prone skin. There are also stating that two way cake powder pigeon is a little heavy on the face, Maybe it was because of skin problems because of a woman’s skin is different.

In coping with oily skin may be less suitable powder pigeon, because it has no oil control.
So what are the advantages of this powder pigeon?
The following benefits and keunggulanya.
This powder has moisturizers that make the face moist and smooth feel while wearing them.
This pigeon powder also contains UV protection to protect skin from sunburn.
Possessed a natural finish that is not heavy on the face.
soft texture that will make it easier to clean the powder so it does not cause acne due to blockage of the pores on your skin.
This powder very affordable prices ranging from Rp.23.000 up to 25.000.

In order not to cause acne keep cleaning your face, it would be better if you clean your face before applying the powder.


this time we will discuss a little about inez powder

In addition to reducing the sense of confident, oily skin is also not good for our health, and that causes acne on the face is also caused by active oil glands in the skin that our own.To you need to handle it with powder that has advantages for oily and acne

Lots of powder product woman in Indonesia ranging from Indonesia’s own import and artificial powdery kelly and maybelline all have the advantage to overcome oily skin and acne.
But this time we will discuss a little about inez powder.
correcting cream

This powder is a cream powder which has 5 variant colors: light tends to light, medium tend to be dark, vivid between light and dark, and the dark color darker.
Keunggulanya are:

Black blemishes on the face.
Remove dead skin cells on the face.
Reduce acne on the skin.
shrink pores – pores of your face.
This powder price range of 50,000 to Rp.60.000.

Natural finish powder

For a natural finish this powder has only one color variant. For a natural finish powder is also classified as a powder. And this keunggulanya.

Make our faces bright white and blush.
Soften and smooth our skin.
Powder price is in the range Rp.45.000 up to 50.000.



Review Wardah Everyday Beauty Balm Cream

In this post I will discuss about new products from Wardah, namely Wardah Everyday Beauty Balm Cream or often people call Wardah BB Cream.
Previously, Wardah is a local brand that is quite rapid development. Wardahpun fairly complete range of products ranging from skincare to makeup. This time Wardah issued skincare plus makeup that had a boom, ie BB Beauty Balm Cream or Cream. I was quite impressed at Wardah issuing BB Cream, but most of BB Cream is a product outside while BB Cream local products are still rather rare.

I bought Wardah BB Cream is priced at 25k for 15ml size. Dus and tubenya green color, packaging, such as packaging very mini sample, probably because of the small package out so well first time. Who knows, the longer and the more demand there is a larger package and maybe the price will gradually rise, azzzzzz – ”
Wardah BB Cream has 2 light shade that is natural and, unfortunately very little color choice. I had this is a natural shade, because the natural SA said Ms. very suitable for my skin color is not too bright and not dark.
Wardah is also equipped with a BB Cream SPF 30, which would protect our skin from the sun, unfortunately only has an SPF of course, have no PA ++.

Wardah BB Cream in the claim as makeup + skincare concept is inspired by nature, for beautiful skin ternutrisi. Wardah BB Cream contains extracts of Aloe Vera and Bio Hyluronic Acid as a moisturizer with Berak Water Technology can remove water droplets that can moisturize and cooling when applied. Wardah BB Cream also has Witch Haze extract and Zinc Glucinate as oil control.

Actually, I do not quite understand about komosisi a cosmetic, only know some of the less good for the skin such as the kinds of parabens as preservatives in cosmetics pointless.

Texture of Wardah BB Cream is creamy, not smelling too. I love it because this time the product Wardah not use perfume, do not bother deh to nose ^^.
The color itself is very natural, it is actually one level below the color looks drawn. Because the camera shots that are too opaque, inexplicably whereas on the camera screen still sunny but after moving to the notebook so opaque, azzzz (OOT)
When applied (flattened gently with a hand) was rough, not like BB Cream in general. That’s because Wardah BB Cream Break Water Technology has to issue a fine-grained form of water when desegregated. The function of the water droplets is to moisturize our skin as a substitute for various types of oil on ingredidients.
Unfortunately for Water Break Technology Wardah BB Cream is rather difficult diaurkan smoothly. BB creamnya will look uneven as shown above. So it should be really with the power of flattening.

After Blend:

The application in the face:

My Bare Face:

Using Wardah BB Cream:

After 8 Hours:

Once applied to the results matte face and blend with the color of my skin, it can cover some part whose color is uneven. To cover the redness or blemishes acne scars I feel should be added using a concealer closed again so perfect. No cause more oily faces also looohh although about 2 hours we should apply loose powder so. Wardah BB Cream can last hinggal 8jam with enough results even after 8 hours memuaskanm looks somewhat cakey kumus-kumus bit in some parts in the photo above. Tips from me, for those who have dry skin I recommend using a moisturizer first before using Wardah BB Cream, because Wardah less moisturizing BB Cream for dry skin. Although it contains SPF30 should not linger in the sun.

Review Ovale Facial Mask

Since meeting with Ovale Facial Mask sya have yet to try a face mask other than the mask sheet sent by websites yukcoba.in terlau -which results were not satisfactory, for sya- When compared with other facial masks, according to sya Ovale Facial Mask is a facial mask the most convenient to use while providing real results.
“Ovale Facial Mask containing yam extract, vitamin C, and vitamin E, which helps cleanse, refresh, brighten, tighten, while caring for the skin. Ovale Facial Mask enriched with algae extracts which help maintain skin moisture. Very easy to use and helps remove dead skin cells. ”

Ovale Facial Mask variants bengkoang sya this review is a new product. Well, who distinguish Ovale Ovale Facial Mask Facial Mask old with the new is the texture mask. Ovale Facial Mask this new paste form can be used directly without mixing it with water or rose water. This paste is white in color and texture is quite thick but very soft, almost no difference with the old Ovale Facial Mask-which has been mixed with water and molded dough. Ovale Facial Mask has a fragrant aroma and do not sting.

The use of new Ovale Facial Mask is more practical than the long Facial Mask Ovale shaped bubuk- -which just apply the mask on the face except the eyes and lips. Let stand for 10 to 15 minutes until dry. Rinse with warm water until clean … Similar to the old Ovale Facial Mask, Facial Mask Ovale recently when applied and dried, the mask remains stuck in the face with her beautiful. Its texture was smooth, not rough like other products -which often mask fall when worn. Well, if this does not Ovale Facial Mask …

Ovale Facial Mask new works as well as Ovale Facial Mask longer, which tightens the skin, and felt at the time to wear it. ‘Tight Effect’ is the advantages of this product compared with other similar products. At the time of wearing it, do not do activities that move the skin such as eating, drinking, smiling, or speaking, because it will cause cracks so as to make maximum use of the product is not. The results of the use of this new Ovale Facial Mask skin feels smooth, firm, fresh and bright glow.

Ovale Facial Mask This new packaging is also new lhooo … Ovale Facial Mask is packaged in sachets, top there is a hole so that the product can be hung. On each long side there are indentations masi (see the photo). Whatever that meant, might be more easily grasped but by sya actually looks strange. The front cover nuanced chocolate cream, pictorial bengkoang + plus portrait of a smiling woman wearing masks. Somewhat amused also still ngelihatnya, but whatever-is yes essential products not disappoint …

Price tag Ovale Facial Mask @ Rp. 5780, – (as of April 2015). Quite affordable right ??? One sachet contents Ovale Facial Mask 15 ml disposable. Ovale long Facial Mask also contains 15 ml but could be used 2 to 3 times of use. So, actually Ovale Facial Mask long jatohnya more efficient

review wardah Luminous Face Powder

Wardah Luminous Face Powder has 4shared, I chose number 03 because ivory Ma’am SA said it is best suited to my skin is brown. Sempet doubt anyway because of fear of dark or too kelitahan terlaklu not use talcum powder. But then I convinced myself the reason if I wear CC Cream Telling U (review, here) which turned out to make skintone I ride ‘upfront N’ spotted at hand. With great expectations, I adopt one Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) is. The price is not expensive, only 30ribu to the size of 30 grams.
Still no price tag lohhh, hihiii
Okay now let’s discuss one by one well.
1. Packaging
Packaging Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) is a powder like most others I have, packaging bulky fat alias. Is not practical and can not enter the pouch makeup me. He also had a filter on the middle point of the powder out.
2. Applicator
Make me the Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) is aplikatornya intention buildup Iyah one loose powder with applicator pretty good, thick and soft. I’m not rich loose powder before the aplikatornya Shining. – ”
3. Ingredient
I was not too understand this problem, only that I know does still contain perfumes, talc. But Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) contains corn (zea mays), aka corn flour there is also the content of the powder Marks’ great place to soak up the oil. Not make oily.
4. Shade
As I said Wardah Luminous Face Powder got me and so was the Ivory shade when applied to the skin of the hands that are not white. Hihiii …
5. Stay Power
Stay power Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) according to usual I wrote, I wear the hours of 9 am and 11 have started to appear oils in the area of ​​T zone, though not so much anyway. Photo to the left of the new time applied at 9 and on the right adalahfoto after 2 hours nemplok in the face, oily but not rich oxy deh – ”
Over All Wardah Luminous Face Powder (Ivory) is not bad lah.


(+) Offers Aplikatornya contained many good fit at the skin color in my face Gak oxy
(-) The packaging is bulky Stay powernya ordinary aja

Garnier review Sakura Pinkish White Radiance Gentle Foam

 Garnier review Sakura Pinkish White Radiance Gentle Foam – Packagingnya pinky really like! Her white tobe kept no pictures so sakura flowers, pink flip lid. Rp21.000 the price for the 100ml tube size (cost huh!) And easily found in supermarkets-supermarket. Seger passable Foamnya flower fragrance like lah, soft texture mmm ..rata average heck kayak soap to wash my face in general, tend to be mushy when held then placed in the hands, but the time leveling and soft tasty indeed membusakan gituuu. I like fitting finished face wash my face it felt mat, right there tuh soap are depleted using that feels slippery-smooth on the face I do not like kayaking not clean just great: I Kalo garnier cherry baseball, was really clean mat and face me. So very happy to wash my face three times a day maybe I wash my face .. * busett make cepet Abis LOL XD but weve I orangnya so especially if more activities that I sweat profusely duuhhh gabisa away from soap hehehe .. so far I’ve ngehabisin 3 tube sizes 100ml and 50ml 1 tube size yaps I’ve long not to move the hearts of these white sakura garnier, because weve match and I’m happy xixixi

His claim the product is enriched with cherry extract, cleanse gently and thoroughly, the face looks fresh and blushing bright white / pink in 7 days. The formula is gentle and suitable for sensitive skin. The result after face wash my face kerasa Seger and clean look fresh and unsightly * ea * after I use a couple of months, add white baseball’s yes, but my face is bright and not dull (the same white bright depending know yaaa) if for me anyway important bright and clean xD

It affordable for students like me
Effect after washing your face and clean face rough
fragrance seger

source: http://goo.gl/O5U0ky