Review Wardah Matte Lipstick 05 and 18

Review Wardah Matte Lipstick 05 and 18 – Initially difficult to really dapetin shade “Pink Sorbet” This, nyari se duo of cosmetics stores to counter wardahnya simultaneously alias not exist at all sold out.

Design with silver-colored tube gives the impression of luxury. I am very, very happy to form a slim package lipstick mouth like this, it can be entered into lightly with my makeup pouch and not bulky be not eating locations.
Being a week before I got the job makeup yudisium For senior comrade, I really liked! Simultaneously deh me get ready and buy many product which roughly I needed for HRI H.

Because of me is still a shortage of lipstick mouth with soft shades and nude, a result I decided to create 2 lippies buy all this!

Review Wardah Matte Lipstick 05 and 18
At the beginning of the beginning, I have not had time to buy a product from Wardah. My mother and aunt who introduced me along matte lipstick that surprisingly affordable and quality cool! Even if the packaging of Wardah Matte Lipstick as well as standard but I think the colors look beautiful silver packagingnya really.

I pass along shades confused reply ready, not really and I sempet bit confused hahaha cute color completely into pingin entire stock! The result I decided to create buy No.05 & 18 color shades including soft and very nude, pink-ish 18 & 05 again somewhat more orange.

The color pigmented really! Its texture was somewhat creamy and soft. I’m a big fan with eventually. Initially I was less interested sempet same colored lipstick soft, even I only wear it when heavy eye makeup alone. Current I am excited about using this lipstick 2nd!

The color is natural and innocent really! suitable for everyday: D I think this lipstick at all guns makes my mouth dry, but always apply your lipbalm before ya! Except guns make dry, this lipstick and pass durable loh! .That Some reviews Wardah Matte Lipstick 05 and 18 who can I inform.



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