Lipstick Wardah Natural Color For Any Type Lips

Lipstick Wardah Natural Color For Any Type Lips – Wardah serves a variety of colors of lipstick with a soft impression of you is still unsure who makes himself appear with natural makeup plan. Well, lots of natural color anything nih who can you choose? Yuk, peep his review!

List Lipstick Color Natural mouth accordance Various Categories Lips Make

Chesnut pink
For those of you who were blessed with white and flawless face, a touch of lipstick natural Wardah For chesnut pink lip color to become a mainstay. Due, pink able to mingle with the perfect way along the white face then create an impression of no makeup look.

Beyond that, this one lipstick Wardah and contains vitamin E and UV protection that help nourish the lips of dry create. Its texture is also very, very soft and not sticky it so comfortable for applied. Cinnamon red

There are times when you want a consistent look natural but dazling, is not it? Moreover, if you attend a certain event that demanded as much as ourselves appear more wow than days generally. Well, apply only Wardahcinnamon red lipstick type of long lasting (rather No. 08) to the lip You. You are also able to utilize a lip liner so that ultimately more satisfying.

However, if you feel this is exceeded flashy colors applied time, implement smudging and blotting techniques, yes! Smudging performed admirably trick pursed his lips then move it to the right and left until the lipstick Wardah indeed was uneven. Being, you do not need menyapukannya lot, pass to the plane of the middle lip.

Except that, you are able to apply the techniques and blotting, is pressed his lips against a tissue until the top layer of lip disappears and leaves a color pigment which is more durable on the lips. so easy to create around the natural appearance but is still stunning, is not it?

soft pink
Well, for those of you who want to create the impression of a soft pink color that look a bit sharper, try applying lipstick Wardah pinkatau Rosemary soft colors. Able to say, this one has two lipstick color sharpness level that is higher than the pale pink.

However, when his lips applies to you, this lipstick can not create an impression of excess who makes uncomfortable, really. Brush the natural color lipstick Wardah For soft pink lip color is from the middle of the field to the right-left lip up towards the corners of the lips.



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